Statement by Goar B

to music as a medium of togetherness

Creation has brought forth a diversity of plants and living things. Every single leaf of a tree on our globe is different. So are the people. That means wealth!

Every young child looks at everything new and different with curiosity and interest without judging. Only with the language and the family and social conditioning, classifications, pigeonholes and evaluations about other groups of people are formed and this mostly without ever having been in direct contact with them. In the vast majority of cases, these are pure thought constructs, which in turn are taken over from other opinion makers.


I am grateful to have come into close contact and exchange with many different people on all continents through music during my many journeys due to my world hit "Mambo No.5". It became clear to me that only in personal encounters can an experience be made that cannot be replaced by any learned or transmitted knowledge. True understanding must begin in the encounter of people.


Here, music can create bridges across language barriers and prejudices. Sharing something emotionally with other people is stronger than intellectual exchange. There is no way back to protectionism in our world with the rapidly growing population and the global Internet. We must learn to communicate more and better. For our western culture it is the only chance of survival we have to face a population of billions from other continents and cultures.


Music can promote togetherness like no other medium.


Music enables many things to be conveyed more effectively and to arouse interest: To bring people together, to enable a common, emotional feeling, to convey a sense of belonging, to experience unity, to learn language through music lyrics, to promote education through discussion of the content of music lyrics and origin of music, to bring educational content closer with more joy and fun, and more music also helps therapeutically to release blockages both motor and psychologically. The child's ear is the first fully developed sensory organ in the womb as early as the 4th month. Through tone frequencies, sounds, harmonies and melodies, one reaches people's feelings directly and emotionally most strongly. This became incredibly clear to me on my worldwide musical travels. In words just not to be grasped.



„Where language ends, music begins.“
E.T.A. Hoffmann


My desire as a musician has grown steadily to be able to make a contribution to society with music and to contribute to more heart and understanding among people. That's why I founded the initiative "G-Culture" in 2015:


Goar Biesenkamp

(musician, composer and music producer)