MusiC as A
universal language
for intercultural understanding


The G-Culture initiative stands for mutual understanding between people with music. 

In recent years, there has been a political and social development that countriesand people are increasingly separating themselves.  

With a rapidly growing population of 8 billion people, we see understanding as the only right and necessary path forward.


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Peace CD for Afghanistan

With singer Farhad Darya

Goar B produced a peace CD with singer Farhad Darya for the singer's home country Afghanistan. The album, which involved contributions from 13 artists from different countries, is titled “Yaahoo”. The music peace project was supported by the German Development Service (DED). The peace CD "Yaahoo" was distributed free of charge to radio stations in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. Due to the high illiteracy rate in these countries, music is the perfect way to reach out to the local population.

"Music is our universal language.
It connects instantly."
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