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Mastermind, Musicproducer & Founder

With over 70 gold and platinum awards in more than 40 countries, GOAR B is one of the few globally successful German music producers.
Over 70 gold and platinum awards
Worldwide in over 40 countries
Over 14 million physical copies sold
Mastermind global hit Mambo No.5


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In 1999, he landed a world hit with "Mambo No. 5". The story behind the song, however, is more complex than its title. For three years, Goar B worked with the then still unknown rapper on his very own sound idea, a unique musical style that combines Bega's original metier of rap with Latin and pop.


His first single "Danzare" on the major label Warner Music caused a sensation in 2013. Whether on the radio or live on the club stages, Vito Lavita took hearts by storm! Vito Lavita has been writing Italian songs since he was 17. A few years ago he met Goar B, who coached him from then on. The collaboration led to the release of the song "Danzare" on Warner Music in 2013. A new era begins for the singer with appearances on television in programmes such as "Starnacht am Wörthsee", "ZDF-Fernsehgarten" and more.


B-Case wrote beats for hip-hop artists such as Farid Bang, Kollegah and Fard before beginning a three-year apprenticeship with music producer Goar B and signing a publishing deal with Unicade Publishing. Goar promoted B-Case, among other things, by bringing him to Berlin to meet other artists at a songwriter camp. This enabled B-Case to go beyond beat programming and write complete songs with musicians. Another important step was his participation in the international music fair MIDEM through Unicade. There he met DJ Antoine's manager. This decisive contact helped him to place four tracks on DJ Antoine's album "Sky is the limit" in 2013 and brought him international fame. Further productions followed with the singer Maury, such as the song "Big Spender" and in 2014 the single "Lucky L" in collaboration with Nico Santos. With the Western-style song, B-Case made it to number 7 in the international dance charts, number 5 in the national dance charts and number 2 in the BRAVO charts.In 2015, B-Case released the single "Upside Down", which landed at number 22 in the official German dance charts after one week.


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Farhad Darya's music is cosmopolitan and political in a very lyrical and pictorial way. His songs are intended to help people reach out to each other again and to put down their weapons, especially in Afghanistan, his home country. In addition to awards as "Singer of the Year" in several countries, he received the Human Rights Award of his home country in 2006 and has been part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) since 2008.The Afghan singer and composer is a superstar in his home country, India, Iran and Pakistan.In his home country, up to 45,000 people come to see him perform live.For the production of a peace CD, Farhad Darya chose the internationally experienced music producer Goar B. "It was a pleasure to work with him," says Darya. Their collaboration lasted three weeks in the studio in Munich. The joint music project was an exciting challenge for Goar B musically - among other things with 6/8 or 7/8 rhythms - and gave him an insight into Afghan culture. The production of the album "Yaahoo" involved 13 other musicians from different countries. The music peace project was funded by the German Development Service (DED). The peace CD "Yahoo" was distributed free of charge to radio stations in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries. Due to the high illiteracy rate in these countries, music is the perfect way to reach the population there.


Nigerian-born singer Toni Tuklan celebrates and lives dancehall - preferably live with his ever-growing international fan base. But his sound is no less successfully conquering the sound systems of this world. After making a name for himself in the music scene with the single "Hey" (top ten in the DJ charts) in 2012 at the latest, his song "Ebony Eyes", for which he unceremoniously brought Sean Paul on board, catapulted him into the top ten of the dance charts in 2015. In Poland, he recently won the Famka Radio Award 2015, and this year he will be touring France and the UK, among other countries.


With his own show programme and the World Music Award, Alexandr Mailnin is a real star in Russia as well as internationally. The extraordinary vocal talent with the velvety soft voice was born in 1958 in Sverdlovsk (Russia) and played in various bands before starting his solo career in 1987. Today he is considered Russia's "most famous interpreter of romances". With his poetic lyrics, which are completely in keeping with the Russian soul, and the melodic guitar sounds, he makes countless women's hearts melt. In 1990, this success paid off and Alexandr Malinin got his own show, "Malinin's Ball", which quickly became the most visited show in the Soviet Union. Countless TV appearances and awards followed, such as the presentation of his own star on Star Square in Moscow (comparable to the Walk of Fame). The preservation of traditional Russian music is very close to Alexandr Malinin's heart. In 1992, for example, he founded a music school for training in Russian romance. The cheerful artist also shows a big heart politically and is involved in charity events for war veterans, orphans and the disabled.


Spirited, mystical and explosive, the Slovenian duo embodies the smooth fusion of dancefloor rhythms with Balkan, Oriental, Ethno, Flamenco and Gipsy influences. Clea & Kim guarantee a packed dance floor, a rousing party mood and a hypnotically colourful urban dance ethnic show. They started successfully in 2013 with their first single "Balkan Bachata", which is still present on MTV and VIVA in Europe today. This song gave the girls their ticket into the European charts and dance compilations. At the same time, the hit was played in Germany's most successful cinema film "Fuck ju Göthe" and thus became even better known.


Goar B recorded the track "Conchita" in the studio with the musicians of Klazz Brother & Cuba Percussions for the third Lou Bega album. In addition, the title "Son de Mozart" was recorded with a featuring Lou Bega on the Klazz Brothers album "Mozart Meets Cuba". The "Klazz Brothers" have been awarded the Echo Klassik and the Jazz Awards twice each and have been nominated for a Grammy once. The German trio is one of the best-known crossover projects in the field of classical music and jazz. In collaboration with Cuban percussionists and the Munich Radio Orchestra, they have created numerous new interpretations of classical works. "Klazz" means music without borders, which can be easily seen in their own arrangements and compositions. Their joy in experimentation leads to a casual, unforced sound, behind which lie complex structures with a special sound value. They perform internationally on large concert stages, but also devote themselves to concerts in small jazz clubs with a cosy flair. They are currently on tour with their 10th programme "Tango meets Cuba & Classic meets Cuba II".


Producer Goar B recorded an album with the rock band "Sugarcaine" at the famous Mayfair Studios in London. London's Mayfair Studios have been used by many different celebrities. These include rock legends like Eric Clapton and Joe Cocker, pop music icons like Madonna and the Spice Girls, but also current chart toppers like Adele, Coldplay and Radiohead.